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The company Donini & Grandi Srl DO-GRA was founded in 1950 by two gentlemen: Mr.Ugo Donini and Mr.Giorgio Grandi and started his activity in a strange econimical reality as it was the after-war italian one The history of this company is similar to the one of several other small enterprises that were born at that time: a time where everything was to be done and re-built. One of the main reasons of his success was the skillness and the flair of the two foundators that were workshop-born men but that were able to understand, in different steps, the developing and the changing of the market conditions by traying to adapt their production to the needs of customers that were becoming more and more qualified. Sudden after a first period during which their production was subcontracting only, they started to be specialized in manufacturing of parts of engines, mainly for motorbikes. It is important to point out that, in the fifty, Emilia was a land of motors and speed and names as Morini, Minarelli, Malanca, Malaguti, Ducati had their houses in Bologna. In the sixtyes there was a small entrance in the car engine field, for istance the rods of the famous Lamborghini Miura were manufactured here. With the passing of the time, even the production changes again by entering in the field of hydraulic and pneumatic components. Finally, at the end of the sixtyes, together with the growth of a very important sector as it is the one of the tooling machines, we started the manufacturing of toolholders becomes his main and only business. On the beginning of century XXI the company is always under the control of the second generation of the Donini family and lives a constant challenge in improving and trying to satisfy the more sophisticated request of his customers that are worldwide. The company Donini & Grandi Srl has his own technical service that can study and design all new products that are facing to a market that is more and more skilled, competitive and sophisticated.

Today production may be divided into three main branches:

aa) Toolholders for “high speed”machining centers (both for metals and for wood) according to HSK-DIN69893 standard.

bb)Boring systems by using his own Modualar System that has a taper – face coupling.

cc)Special execution “taylor made” upon customer’s request.

His continuos searching of improving brought Donini & Grandi to buld up a partenership with an english company called RIGIBORE that is manufacture of micro adjustable units and micro cartridges and is his exclusive distributor in Italy.
The research and design of new products never stops and it is possible to visit our section “NEWS” to know the new born at DO-GRA

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